What Does the Clinic Offer?

All you need to know about the type of sessions I offer

What to expect when you visit the clinic:

On your first session you will be asked to fill out a form disclosing your medical past/conditions, some info about the injury and some questions about your general lifestyle. ​This is kept in a safe place and only myself has access to this information. 


During the initial assessment we will have a chat about your injury so I can build a good picture of the injury you a suffering. Following this I will perform a hands on assessment, checking the injury site and from this it will give me a good indications of diagnosis of the injury. I will explain what I have found in a way you can understand and then explain how we will move forward in treating your injury. If it's the 2nd appointment and beyond, I will perform a reassessment of the injury. At the start I will ask how you found the information given to last session and how the injury is doing. From this I will perform a hands on assessment, checking the injury site for improvements and then explaining where we go next to progress your injury further. 

Then we get to the treatment section of your appointment. This may include massage, mobilisations, manipulations, Acupuncture (if you don't mind needles), PNF, Hot & Cold therapy, Stretching to name a few. If you would like to know about any of the treatment methods you can drop me a message using the 'contact me' tab and I will explain further. 

After the treatment at the end of your session, I will go through any exercise's that I want you to be doing at home to help your injury. This will involve a demonstration and then getting you to have a practice, so I know you understand. You will then be sent a rehab plan with all the exercises I have prescribed to you, this will have diagrams on and informing how many you should do and when.

If you would like to know more about a session at the clinic then please drop me a message using the 'contact me' tab and I will answer your questions. To book a session you can click the 'Book your session' button below and select 'Session at the clinic'

Rehab/Gym session:

New in 2019 i will be offering gym based sessions. There will be two types of sessions, the first will be a rehab session and treatment. This session will last 1 hour 30 mins to fit everything in, this would be best for those who are returning from an injury. The second type of session will be just a Gym based session and this will last 45 minutes. This type of session would be best for someone who wants to build strength, for a specific sport to help reduce this risk of an injury. 

To book this session you can click the 'Book your session' button below and select 'Prehab session' or 'Gym based rehab + Treatment'

NormaTec Recovery session: 

The clinic is now offering NormaTec pulse recovery leg system. This session is great for anyone wanting to recover quickly after heavy training or competitions. To find out more about this service head to the top of the page and click on 'Recovery Sessions'. Also on the page is a link to normatec's page were they explain the science behind the system. You will get 30 minutes on the system but the session as a whole will last 45 minutes. You can also combine this session with a prehab session, this session will last 1 hour 10 minutes. 

To book this session you can click the 'Book your session' button below and select 'Leg Recovery Session' or ' Prehab + Leg recovery session' 

Home visit service:

I plan to arrive 5 minutes before the session time to set up. Sometimes this can be affected due to changing traffic situations, if this happens you will be contacted with an ETA. You get the same session as if you were visiting my clinic but in the comfort of your own home or even your work place. I bring the clinic to you! 

You can book this session by clicking the 'Book your session' button below and select 'Home visit session'

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